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Disposing of CDS



A DEA registrant shall always dispose of unwanted controlled dangerous substances (CDS) in their inventory through a Reverse Distribution Service (RDS).  We have attached a current list of DEA approved Distributors.  List of Distributors

Currently, there is only one RDS located in Oklahoma Total Returns (580) 276-3056, but you may use any of the RDS on the attached list.  The registrant will need to contact the RDS for specific instructions on disposing of the CDS. Copies of records documenting the transfer and disposal of CDS should be maintained for 2 years.

The approved DEA list is not updated often but if you are interested in a current list of DEA approved RDS, contact your local DEA office (www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/offices_n_dirs/fielddiv/index.html).

We will be taking back expired CDS - look for us at 2 events - OSU Fall Seminar in Stillwater on November 15th and the OVMA 2020 Annual Conference in Norman on January 24th ( both will be one day only). Print the OSBI destruction form (located under Helpful Info), complete it and bring the expired CDS (boxed) and form to us.