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Citizenship / Lawful Presence Affidavit

This form must be submitted with a renewal if you are not a US Citizen.

Helpful Numbers

List of agencies and information regarding the veterinary profession.

Euth Tech Rules 775:10-8

Rules from the Oklahoma Veterinary Practice Act specifically pertaining to CAETs and the facilities.

DEA Form 104

This form is used to notify DEA that your drug registration will not be used in the future. 

Consumer Notice-Rabies

This document must be displayed at pet supply companies selling over the counter rabies vaccinations.

AVMA FAQs - Pet Owners

FAQs by Pet Owners about Prescriptions and Pharmacies

AVMA FAQs - Veterinarian

FAQs by Veterinarians about Prescriptions and Pharmacies

Poison Prevention Packaging

Prescription Medication Packaging Requirement from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission